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About Us

a close up of a horse

Who else knows more “inside information” about beautiful Monument Valley than the people that are born and raised there, the people that call it their Motherland? Our Great great-grandfather, Mr. Grey Whiskers, has left a legacy to his children, who to this day still live in Monument Valley. His knowledge and understanding has been respectfully shared from generation to generation, making it possible for different nationalities from all over the world who visit this wonderful and beautiful “Eighth Wonder of the World”, to experience Monument Valley in the purest way.

As children, we played hide-and-seek among these huge rocks, we explored, we uncovered many amazing things and we learned what beauty is – believe me – as our eyes beheld the inspiring views. These were moments in which we realized the presence of the omnipotent forces of Nature among us. We gladly invite you to come share our great-great grandfather’s legacy with us.

Monument Valley Simpson’s Trailhandler Tours is owned and operated by Harold and Deborah Simpson. Our family and tourguides are all Navajos who are born and raised in this beautiful and enchanting place called Monument Valley, and we are proud and happy to share with you the beauty of our Motherland.

Our Great-Grandfather is the famous Grey Whiskers, after whom one of the great rock formations in Monument Valley is named. Our Grandma is his daughter: Betty Simpson (you see her on these two photos, weaving a Navajo rug and riding her favorite horse).

Our Grandma loved and respected her Motherland, and on our tours we will do our best to make you feel “at home”, sharing with you a sense of the same love and respect that we cherish every day.

On all our tours, your experienced tour guide will share with you his knowledge of the geology of Monument Valley, and the Culture, Traditions and Heritage of his people: the Dineh (Navajo).