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2.5 Hour Jeep Tour

Navajo Loop and Off the Beaten Track Tour (2.5 hours): A complete package of 30+ miles secluded off-roads lets you discover the restricted area in the backcountry of Monument Valley.
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Mystery Valley Tour

3.5-hour tour. Imagine, unveiling the secrets of the old legacy of the Anasazis. Like strands of early-morning mist, the mystic legends of these Ancient Ones float through and pervade the area known as Mystery Valley.
Bucket List Item!

Overnight Hogan/Camping Tour

An overnight all-inclusive camping experience in an authentic Hogan in Monument Valley. Includes food, drinks, entertainment, and multiple tours.

2.5 Hour Private Jeep Tour

A private 2.5 hour open air jeep tour through the secluded areas in the backcountry Monument Valley, including petroglyphs, pictographs, ancient ruins and cliff dwellings.

Dreamcatcher Evening Tour

Spend the evening seeing the best of Monument Valley, from natural landmark photo opportunities, a Navajo Hogan and petroglyphs to cultural demonstrations, a Navajo dinner and campfire entertainment.

Hunt’s Mesa Hiking Tour

This somewhat strenuous 5-hour hike follows a switch-back climb to the 1200-foot elevated Hunt's Mesa, one of the highest plateaus in Monument Valley.

Mystery Valley Hiking Tour

On this strenuous 6-hour hike you'll explore the painted walls, ancient dwellings and rock arts of a legendary time in the past that left such a mystic legacy on the area of Mystery Valley.

Off the Beaten Track Trail Hiking Tour

This 3.5-hour trail hike unfolds the sights of delicate, breathtaking arches and natural bridges that withstand the contrasting, massive buttes of Monument Valley.

Photography Tour

Many famous and not-yet-so-famous professional, senior amateur and amateur photographers from all over the world have called upon our experience and knowledge of both Monument Valley and Mystery Valley to shoot the pictures of their artistic dreams. We gladly take you on a private tailor-made tour we'll especially design in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

Private Hummer Tour

Explore the incredible secluded backcountry of Monument Valley on this private hummer tour. You'll see breathtaking natural and historic landmarks in restricted areas that are only accessible on exclusive tours.

Private Sunrise Tour

This 2.5 hr tour starts approx. 5 a.m. (time subject to seasonal change) and includes our "Navajo Loop" and "Off the Beaten Track" tours of Monument Valley while the sunrise lights up the landscape.

Private Sunset Tour

This incredible private 2.5-hour package tour includes our Navajo Loop and Off the Beaten Track tours, but at just the right time to see the sunset over the landscape of Monument Valley with an intimate group.

Sunset Tour

Explore the majestic natural arches, bridges and buttes just at the perfect time to see the sunset over the expansive landscape of Monument Valley on this incredible 2.5-hour package tour includes our Navajo Loop and Off the Beaten Track tours.