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Monument Valley Hogan Camping

Spend the night camping in Monument Valley in a Hogan—the traditional dwelling of the Navajo. The structure and materials of the Hogan are made out of natural resources such as desert juniper trees, juniper barks (for insulation), and dirt (red desert earth) plastered over the dome-shape structure (much like the igloo shape of the Eskimos) made out of juniper logs. Our Hogan is set aside for a studio ceremonial setting, as it was used primarily for ceremonial purposes rather than living quarters.

The Hogan is a perfect dwelling for such delightful people as the Navajos. It’s cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the winter making it ideal for camping in Monument Valley. We unselfishly share and let you experience the original Navajo culture, traditions, and our precious heritage. The Hogan is a residential, primitive camp – Are there bathroom facilities? Yes, we provide chemical toilets, wash pans, soap, towels, picnic tables, sleeping bags but no shower. We only provide camping equipment and items of a similar nature.